Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen Likes

LOVE this subway tile but in brick formation backsplash. This is what I've been planning for the backsplash. Still trying to figure out countertops. Originally I was thinking stainless ($1200 with hole for drop in sink) on the sink side and butcherblock ($129 ikea) on the stove side or butcherblock everywhere ($300 but too much wood I think). But stainless is so expensive, twice as much for an sink welded in, and butcherblock is a nice contrast to stainless and super cheap from ikea, but I'm not crazy about it. In our previous house we bought 1/4" richlite (a 5x12' sheet for like $300) and made our own counters - spent an entire 3-day weekend in May (pre-child of course) and I loved them. The only thing is it's hard to see dirt on black counters. Not necessarily bad, but now after having white counters, I sort of like the clean feel of white. Hmmm, will have to research this.
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