Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Landscape Likes | Corten Steel and Richlite Raised Beds

From a Valerie Easton article.

I just saw some corten steel edging that looked awesome, and here are these beds... I think I may have seen them walking around the Ravenna area... I'll have to go back and take pics. Wonder how much something like this would run. Guess it's back to the sheet metal shops.

And another paperstone/richlite application - raised bed/retaining wall... interesting...
Take for example these artful, practical raised beds built of repurposed steel, designed by Cameron Scott for Seattle management consultant and foodie Joan Caine.
Caine wanted a garden crafted of sustainable materials in which to grow herbs, lettuces, and vegetables to use in her daily cooking. Cameron came up with a solution so sculptural that the front garden looks great even in the dead of winter. He used Corten, or oxidized steel, which starts out black when it's raw, then turns rusty, but never rusts through. Scott coated the inside of the beds with a natural rubber product to protect the metal from leaching into the soil. The steel is so thin it doesn't take up much space, and it heats the soil up in springtime, getting Joan's vegetables off to a good start. "Her vegetables have just jumped right out of the beds," says Cameron, "the tomatoes love the extra heat."
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