Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Landscape Befores

So just to see how horrific our backyard is, here are a few pics. Views from inside and out. These were taken before we got a new fence (last week) along the back and south sides, unfortunately we had to keep the north side which is that hideous basic panel with lattice at the top. Hoping to cover that side with rolled bamboo at some point. Note the two-tone falling down fence.   We removed ivy that had covered about 1/3 of the yard, and wherever the ivy was pulled off the fence, it was red.  Nice!

Next up will be our plan.  I've been getting estimates to have the gravel area put it, the concrete paver patio, stairs to to the raised area and a retaining wall for that raised area, and new lawn area and it's about 6-11k!  That doesn't include the deck from the backdoor or the deck under the two large trees, so I guess we are doing it on our own! Stay tuned.
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