Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Modern Garden Hose Hangers

After purchasing a blue rubber hose last week at target (not online, but in stores only), I decided we needed to have something equally pretty to hang it on (rather than just letting it hang out all over the patio).  Here are a few options.

1. Go Rhino Garden Hose Holder.  Comes in black, white or red.  Unfortunately has a logo on it, but in black might not be too bad.  $36.95
2. Yard Butler Garden Hose Hanger.  Possibly my favorite (and cheapest) so far.  Basic and not too ugly.  $10.69
3. Wall Mount Iron Garden Hose Holder.  A little bit country, but simple.  $54.99
4. Via Remodelista, this Steel Hose Hanger.  Pretty, but perhaps not as practical since it hangs on the faucet.  18 Euros
5. Universal Stainless Hanger.  Simple, basic, clean, but perhaps dangerous?  I do like the simplicity though.  And out of stock, but takes 3-4 weeks.  $31 on sale
6. Race Caddy Hose Hanger.  Similar to number 1, but comes in 26 colors!  Also has lame logo. $24.99

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Yard Butler HHRP-4 Garden Hose Hanger - Rust Proof
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Wall Mount Iron Garden Hose Holder
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Universal Stainless Hanger
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cord hanger
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